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Dongguan Happy Gift Co., Ltd

Dongguan Happy Gift Co., Ltd. is a branch company of group company that started with military products. Originally we’re devoted to metal and embroidery craft arts, especially for custom products, with our development and the supports of our customers who are willing to let us take charge of more Items that even is not in our production line.

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we're not only a manufacturer who just take responsible of production

but also a service-oriented assistant.


  • custom embroidery patch

    What is Iron on Patch?

    Embroidery, woven and printing patches have different backing options, such as safety pin, velcro, thin plastic, paper backing, but the most popular one is Iron on backing. Iron on backing is a high-quality thermoplastic adhesive material that has good adhesion properties to cotton, textiles, and...

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    What factors will affect the pricing of customized medals

    Many people are not sure how much budget they need to set aside when customizing medals. Due to too many factors affecting costs, it is difficult for suppliers to accurately calculate the cost of customizing medals without knowing your specific design and requirements. However, in this article, w...

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    Instructions for epoxy enamel pins

    Epoxy enamel pins have a unique tactile feel, durable surface treatment, and wear resistance, making them an ideal choice for various applications, making them increasingly popular in recent years. Today, I will write this manual for epoxy enamel pins, explaining what epoxy enamel pins are and th...

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    How To Customize Your Challenge Coin?

    If you want to customize your own unique challenge coin, today’s article will guide you in designing challenge coins and solve most of your confusion~   No 1, determine the size of the challenge coin   The design or theme of a coin usually determines the size of the challenge coin. The com...

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    3 Important Tips on the Cost of Customizing Medals

    As a medal purchaser or event planner, I believe, what you most want to see is being able to customize a satisfactory medal within your budget. Here are three important tips to keep the cost of customizing your medal​ at an affordable level. 1. Order in advance, do not delay! Please remember that...

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